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We meet you where you are. No two companies are alike, and each has its unique challenges and opportunities. We believe it’s never too soon to plan a long term, scalable sales strategy. From advisory services to turnkey sales solutions, and everything in between, we can guide decisions and help avoid costly setbacks and false starts.

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Advisory Services

For many startups, the ability to hire a senior sales leader is cost prohibitive and a time consuming process. We fill this gap – think of a “fractional” Chief Sales Officer that works with you to map your short term and long term strategies. Often times, we find founders either lack enterprise sales experience, or simply want to remain focused on product development and attracting investment. As a result, the sales strategy, early product fit and potential customer feedback loops are deferred until more momentum is gained.

Launch a sales team too early, and it will burn cash quickly. Wait too long, and you will find yourself losing market opportunity and valuable time. We work with founders to map investment and strategy that optimizes the return on investment in a direct sales team.

For CEO’s and Senior Sales Leaders with established organizations, we offer a new perspective and opportunities to improve process, technology and sales team evolution. Whether it is adopting a social selling strategy, or improving consultative selling skills, we use a competency based approach to ensure your team is doing the right things, at the right time, with the right people. If you want a “thinking” sales team, we can help.

Training & Development

As veterans of the learning and development community, we understand the value of ongoing training and development. It’s the basis for developing “thinking” sales professionals.

Today’s sales professional has a technology stack that is overwhelming, and buyers that are informed and sophisticated. Training has to be responsive to specific challenges your team faces, so we use a customized “case study” approach to put context around our core learning modules. We deliver the training in small chunks, and always tie it to real opportunities.

We know informal and peer to peer learning is preferred over canned or formal training courses that often teach tricks and gimmicks. We incorporate learning into the workflow every day and ensure the context is driving behaviors required to achieve sales success.

Technology Implementations

A decade ago, the biggest decision a sales leader had to make related to which CRM to implement. Though that is still a major decision point, the number of tools that integrate into the sales professional’s technology stack is completely daunting. It’s probably the biggest concern we hear from leaders – the fact that they have too many tools, don’t understand the ROI for any of them, and don’t know if the tools are actually adding value.

We help assess the current stack, and can make recommendations to help fill gaps, or in some cases eliminate tools that are simply not adding value. We have experience implementing CRM platforms and dozens of associated tools, and can help launch technology platforms consistent with your strategy. We can also help improve adoption and usage through training and coaching.

Revenue Generation

One of the primary reasons we launched Catalyst Sale was because people in our network located in California, Boston and New York were all struggling with a shortage of talented, educated sales professionals. A limited number of candidates and high turnover rates often led to delayed hiring efforts, and salary structures that didn’t fit the constraints of the available budget.

We are able to quickly source teams directly for our clients. We recruit, hire, train and onboard sales talent very quickly because we have a strong network in the Phoenix market. We are partnered with Arizona State University and have nurtured an accredited intern program for more than 6 years with overwhelming success.

We are also able to support direct or blended sales teams. From complete turnkey teams to teams that are integrated into your existing sales organization, we have experience in both worlds. We can also simply provide outsourced sales leadership – it just depends on your structure, the gaps you have, and how you envision building out your organization.

A Proven Process That Works

We refer to a “thinking” process as the core of our methodology. Though technology is certainly providing opportunity to do more, learn more and network on a global basis, it’s still people talking to people to move things forward.

The core process we have used for more than two decades, in all types of selling environments, is something that has remained constant even though the tools that enable the activity have changed. There’s no magic bullet in sales – it’s a process, when executed by a thinking sales professional, delivers predictable results.


    Do your research.


    Know the problem to solve.

  • FIT

    Internal collaboration.


    Test assumptions and gain agreement.


    Send it right the first time.

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